Fisher & Paykel’s fridge accessories include joiner kits and surround kits to ensure seamless fit into integrated kitchens.

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Joinerkit Mug Mug


A Joiner Kit can be used to join two refrigerators to help create a seamless connection.

Surroundkit Mug2 Mug

Surround Kit Stainless Steel (SURROUND KIT 790 + 790MM)

The refrigeration Surround Kit helps create a seamless connection between your appliance and its surrounding cabinetry. Available in a stainless steel finish, the kit frames and complements the product.

Check with your local retailer for pricing, availability and stock of this model. The product dimensions and specifications in this page apply to the specific product and model. Under our policy of continuous improvement, these dimensions and specifications may change at any time. You should therefore check with your retailer or Fisher & Paykel’s Customer Care Centre to ensure this page correctly describes the model currently available.